At Trilogy Counseling, we aim to meet you where you are in life. Our approach to counseling is strength-based, positive, and goal-directed. We are committed to helping you gain clarity, confidence, and conviction in creating the life you want. We provide psychotherapy for individuals (adults and children age 12 and older), couples, and families. Psychotherapy can range from very specialized work on such problems as OCD or phobias to working through loss or current effects of past trauma to more general issues such as understanding the recurring dynamics in your relationships that may even have roots in an individual’s family of origin.

If you are involved in a divorce or custody litigation, please remember the role of a therapist is not to make recommendations for the court concerning custody or parenting issues or to testify in court concerning opinions on issues involved in the litigation. Only court-appointed experts, investigators, or evaluators can make recommendations to the court on disputed issues concerning parental responsibilities and parenting plans.  In this context, therapy is largely focused on the welfare of the children, supporting and helping them through the process.

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